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Track System For Holiday Lights

Holiday Light SlidersTM

Alternative Attachment ->

Alternative Attachment Method/Side Mount

Use to install track behind eaves

Step 1.  Drill three 1/4" holes in one side of each section of track at the locations where the screws would normally go.

Step 2.  Drill three 3/32" holes in the opposite side of each section of track in direct alignment with the 1/4" holes.

Step 3.  Complete installation as previously described.

On surfaces such as stucco or brick, use adhesive or glue such as "Liquid Nails"™

Step 1.  Apply adhesive to top side of track along full length of track. Place track on hanging surface and tape in place with duct tape.

Step 2.  Hang remaining track sections as you would using screws.

Step 3.  Allow adhesive to dry as per manufactures instructions  and, holding the track down, remove the duct tape.