We Believe Holiday Light Decorating Should Be Easy and Fun, Not A Dreaded Chore

Track System For Holiday Lights

Holiday Light SlidersTM


How Much Track do I Need?

To determine the number of feet to track needed: 

•Decide where you want to hang holiday lights
•Measure the distance around the door, window, roof eaves, garage, etc.
•Or measure existing light strings
•Divide the number of feet by 32(number of feet per kit)
•Result equals number of kits.

#___ ft / 32 = #___ kits needed

For estimation purposes: (typically)

double door =       21 feet  
single door =        18 feet  
                              Across   Around  
single garage =      8 feet 22 feet
double garage =   16 feet 30 feet
triple garage =      32 feet 45 feet

How to purchase:

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